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The Arts

The Arts are the beating heart of life at TASIS England.

As each student navigates their individual learning journey, they have the option to study a huge variety of courses focused on the creative arts. TASIS England is proud of its extensive Arts programs which include Studio and Visual Arts, Theatre, Music, and Film. There is so much on offer in every syllabus.

The arts curriculum for Lower and Middle School students is taught throughout the year by specialist teachers. Upper School students can choose from a range of classes, including Advanced Placement and IB art courses, and TASIS England diploma requirements include completion of at least one credit in the Arts.

With beautiful, modern facilities to support the Arts programs, the School hosts many music recitals and concerts, theatre productions, art and photography exhibitions, and other performances during the school year. Our beautiful campus in Surrey is ideally located close to London, enabling students to supplement their classroom studies with visits to museums, art galleries, and theatres.

The TASIS England Arts curriculum empowers students to broaden their love for all things creative. As each student travels their own unique learning journey, we nurture their innate curiosity by giving them opportunities to learn, collaborate, and create with their peers. Whether they choose to study IB Arts, play a role in a school musical, or master an instrument, they will find studying the arts incredibly rewarding.


Visual Arts

TASIS England offers an exciting, varied visual arts program for students of all ages. Upper School students can study art history as well as take hands-on courses such as drawing and painting, ceramics, and photography. They also have the opportunity to deepen their studies through Advanced Placement (AP) History of Art and the two-year International Baccalaureate course, IB Visual Arts. 



Theatre encourages creativity and collaboration like no other art form. Performance classes help to build leadership, public speaking, and teamwork skills in children and young people. At TASIS England, students take Drama classes in Middle School and experience the exhilaration of theatre – on stage, behind the scenes, and as part of the audience. The Upper School curriculum includes several options including IB Theatre.



Music is a vital part of life at TASIS England. Lower and Middle School students participate in choral and instrumental activities taught by specialist teachers, and course options in Upper School include AP Music Theory and IB Music. Many students join our choirs, bands, and ensembles and regularly held recitals, performances, and more informal assemblies showcase their developing skills and talents.



Film is a popular choice in the Upper School and the curriculum includes IB Film. The courses explore the essential techniques of filmmaking and offer students amazing opportunities to experiment with their own creative expression. Along with technical skills, students develop important life skills such as problem-solving, communication, and collaboration.