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Co-Curricular Sports/Activities Program

TASIS England is committed to providing students throughout the School with a diverse, challenging, enjoyable, and safe co-curricular experience to supplement the high quality of education they receive in the classroom.

The TASIS faculty, aided by a number of experienced and talented external coaches and instructors, are committed to delivering a high-quality co-curricular program. The Sports & Activities Office supports and coordinates the efforts of everyone involved in these programs throughout the TASIS England community.

We recognize the vital role that sports and activities play in ensuring physical and mental health within a school community. In addition, participation in team sport provides exciting moments for students who use this activity as their exercise of choice and gain the multiple physical, mental, and social benefits of playing. 

The pages linked below provide details of the sports and activities program TASIS offers students in each school section.

Lower School Sports & Activities Middle School Sports & Activities Upper School Sports & Activities