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Sports & Activities

The sports components of the Sports and Activities programs at TASIS England have always emphasized participation.

One of our main objectives is to ensure that as many students as possible, from Pre-K through to the twelfth grade, are motivated to become involved in the sport or activity of their choice. Encouraging students to participate in sports, irrespective of age, ability, or experience, is the central theme of the co-curricular program at TASIS England. 

The sports program encompasses all three sections of the School. Students are introduced to the various team and individual sports in a structured and safe learning environment that gives them the opportunity to develop their skills. A competitive element is introduced gradually through the Middle School program, thus helping students to prepare for the increasing demands of the interscholastic sports program in the Upper School.

TASIS also recognizes that competition through sports is not the only motivating factor as to why a student would choose to participate in sports. In recognition of this, TASIS England also offer a wide range of recreational sports throughout the school year, providing students with the opportunity to participate and learn in a less competitive environment should they prefer to do so.

Young people should enjoy being involved in sport at whatever level is appropriate to their experience and/or stage of development. At TASIS England, we endeavor to be inclusive in competitive sports and to provide students with an enjoyable and rewarding learning experience, which complements the excellence of the School's academic programs. 


Competing locally and in Europe

Our teams take part in competitions with local schools and other international schools here on our TASIS England campus, at other schools in the surrounding area, as well as in tournaments throughout Europe.


Meeting challenges and reaching goals

The excitement of competition and the learning opportunities provided by dedicated coaching and practice keep our gymnasia and playing fields busy throughout the week and on weekends.