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Community Service

Community Service

Giving back to the society

At TASIS England, community service is integral to each student’s education.

Not only do our students develop brilliant minds in their academic coursework, but they also nurture compassionate hearts in their service to others. We expect members of our community to be engaged in the world and committed to using their knowledge and talents to make a life-long impact on it.

At TASIS England, we value service leadership and instill in our students the importance of looking beyond themselves and making a positive impact on the world using their skills and time. During these projects, students learn about themselves, hone their strengths, and develop resilience in the face of difficulty. As they foster connections and collaborate with other, they begin to recognize the unique value of each person’s contribution to society.

Volunteering is an effective way for students to learn to work in a team, gain leadership skills, and unlock newfound confidence. TASIS England’s commitment to community service provides invaluable experiences that strengthen their character. Our goal is for our students to become empathetic, compassionate, and principled individuals with a desire to flourish through action and service.