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Academic Travel Program

Travel is an integral part of the TASIS England education and experience.

Our founder Mrs. M. Crist Fleming believed that the world should be our classroom. By extending learning beyond our beautiful TASIS England campus, we enable our students to develop important life skills and gain a first-hand perspective of the world, which would not be possible through classroom instruction alone.

Our location enables us to draw upon the cultural riches of Europe and these trips are often the highlight of the school year. They open up a world where students can discover and develop personal interests – whether that’s igniting a life-long love of a culture or cuisine, a fascination with a period or style of art, or an affinity for a sport.

Students Iceland Trip


Benefits of travel

The infinite advantages of our travel program make it a vital part of a TASIS England education. Travel is an effective way to stimulate each student’s innate curiosity, promote international mindedness, and celebrate diversity. Students expand their minds and their circle of friends while experiencing the cultural riches of other countries.

Learning – The travel program enhances academic studies by providing real-life experiences that expand students’ knowledge. Everyone learns differently, and many find a hands-on approach inspiring. Even the most reserved students can benefit from the more informal environment of school trips, empowering them to grow in confidence. Trips abroad also contribute to a more global perspective.

Fun – From a social point of view, school trips are an important way of enabling classmates to bond. New friendships often develop on these trips as it allows students from different groups to interact and discover shared interests. 

Middle School Greece Trip