Caroline Morse, SPHR
Posted 02/08/2017 04:39PM

Caroline Morse, SPHR

Human Resources Consultant, Delivering Results LLC

Caroline has enjoyed over 20 years of experience in the field of human resources management, working in a full array of company phases, from start-ups (11) to mid-size companies and large conglomerates. Her employment portfolio includes industry greats such as Apollo Computer, Fidelity Investments, Hitachi, Apple Computer, NeXT Software (Merged with Apple), Kaleida Labs (Joint Venture of Apple and IBM) and Cisco Systems.

Most recently, Mrs Morse founded her own HR consulting company, Delivering Results LLC. Her expertise is concentrated in Organizational Development (OD) and HR Strategy, Compensation and Performance Management Systems, Recruiting, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Staff Management and Development.

Mrs Morse graduated with a degree in Human Resources Management from University of Lowell, now known as University of Massachusetts-Lowell, in the US. She has since attained the highest HR certification possible, as a Senior Professional in Human Resources, demonstrating proven mastery of 1,800 bodies of business knowledge including the strategic and policy-making aspects of HR management as practiced in the US.

Mrs Morse lives in Englefield Green with her husband, Ken and their 3 children, Stephen, Ken Garrick, and Taylor. Taylor is a senior at TASIS.