John Mangelaars, BJCT
Posted 31/07/2017 03:20PM

John Mangelaars, BJCT

Chief Executive Officer, Travix

John has served as the Chief Executive Officer of the online travel agency Travix since January 1993. Travix maintains websites in over 40 markets and offices in Amsterdam, London, San Jose (US), and Singapore, as well as Operation Centers in Berlin and Bangalore. Responsible for the direction and results of the company, he oversees strategy, people, and innovation, leading the organization to become a worldwide e-commerce specialist.

Mr Mangelaars began his career at Microsoft in the Netherlands in 1990, and he now has over twenty years’ experience at Microsoft and a track record of building successful businesses. Immediately prior to Travix, he served as European Vice President, Microsoft Advertising Europe. There he was responsible for the company's advertising customers and partners, specializing in advertising and marketing sales of the online products MSN Messenger, Hotmail, and Bing in Europe.

In addition to his CEO role at Travix, Mr Mangelaars also serves – since July 2015 – as a non‐Executive director on the board of International Personal Finance, a UK‐based, international home credit business listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Mr Mangelaars received a Bachelor in Information and Communication Technology in Economics from Higher Economic School in The Hague. Born in 1964 in the southwest of the Netherlands, he is married with two children. Goedele (19), a TASIS England alumna, now studies at Durham University and Egied (16) is in the 11th grade at TASIS. They currently live in the Netherlands, but have also lived in France, the US (Seattle), and in London. He enjoys traveling with his family.