Lower School iPads (Early Years – 3)

During the first week of classes, all TASIS England Lower School students up to 3rd Grade will be assigned an Apple iPad. Students in 3rd Grade will be assigned an individual iPad, and other students will have access to iPads in their classroom. The iPads will be used by the students periodically during the school year and will be stored at school.

The iPad Policy below will apply to Lower School students up to 3rd Grade whenever they are using the school’s information resources. It should be read in conjunction with the school’s Responsible Use Policy and the Online Guidelines and Expectations document, which apply to all TASIS England students. 

Lower School iPad Policy

1. General Information
Students in 3rd Grade must return their iPad along with the charger and case at the end of the school year or if the student should leave TASIS before the end of the year. The student is responsible for any damage to or loss of the equipment (please see section 5, Responsibilities, for further information).

Students should not leave their iPads unsupervised and out in the open. iPads should be kept in cases, and students should store them in designated storage areas.

If students are allowed to take their iPads home, the students must return the next school day with the iPads fully charged and in good working order.

2. Managing Assignments and Files
Students will be shown how to use Google drive to store files and resources. Keeping files in Google drive will ensure that students will not lose their work if something goes wrong with their iPads.

Students should not remove school-supplied software on the iPads.

3. Home Internet Access
If the students are allowed to take the iPads home, they will be allowed to set up access to home wireless networks on their iPads as well as access to a wireless printer. 

4. Support
If a iPad fails to work properly, a replacement iPad will be provided.

5. Responsibilities
TASIS England is responsible to provide software and network systems that will support students’ learning. TASIS England will repair students’ iPads if it is possible.

Parents should ensure that their home Internet systems provide safe and secure access for their children. Parents are liable for the cost of repairs to or replacement of iPads if the school determines that the equipment was subject to avoidable damage by their child.

Students are responsible to use their iPads appropriately and, if they take them home, to maintain their iPads in good working order and to return them on the next school day. Students who fail to bring their iPads to school or who use them irresponsibly may lose the opportunity to continue to access the iPad. Students who violate the Responsible Use Policy or the Online Guidelines and Expectations will need to meet with the Lower School administration.