Departure Lounge

Is your next move quickly approaching? Or perhaps your child’s best friend is leaving? As expats, we all eventually have to say goodbye—whether we are moving home, moving to a new home, or a dear friend is moving on.

Change is one of the few constants in the lives of ex-patriate families. Even if you are staying at TASIS for the next year, many of your friends could be re-located, which can bring about a whole range of emotions. Some families may be on their way to new horizons, while others may be waiting to find out and are unsure as to their destination for next year. This section will provide information as to how we can support you through this final part of the cycle.

Contact us to discuss the challenges and concerns our families face when dealing with a move, repatriation, saying goodbye to friends (especially if you are staying), and saying goodbye to a place we have all learned to call home.

PIRC also offers practical tips as you prepare for these changes and together we can develop ideas to make your transition a little easier!