Welcome to TASIS England!

Changing country, school, home, or all three, can be challenging for children and parents alike. This section is aimed at helping you and your family experience the smoothest transition possible during your relocation. Here you will find useful information, helpful tips, and resources. Making a transition is a process that starts from the minute the decision is made to relocate. You may experience periods of excitement and exhilaration, but also moments of grief and sadness. After all, change involves loss, but loss also leads to growth and the discovery of new strengths. From our teachers, counselors, administrators, and advisors to our parent organizations, we, as a community, are committed to giving the best support possible. 

The links in this section are designed to provide you with assistance at the different stages of your journey. You will also find division-specific (Lower/Middle/Upper School) information that will guide you through the TASIS transition program. As an American international school, we have over 50 nationalities represented, and each of our families brings with them their own unique story. We look forward to playing a part in yours!

 If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact:

Nellie Bailey, Senior Associate Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management
01932 582 316