TASIS - The American School In England TASIS - The American School In England


A student’s boarding house is their home at TASIS England. 

Our dedicated Boarding Team ensures that every student in our residential program feels safe, secure, and at home. The privilege of boarding comes with the responsibility of respecting the rules and regulations designed to promote the health and well-being of each student.

TASIS England’s excellent boarding house program offers students aged 13 to 18 the opportunity to learn to manage their own well-being and take responsibility for themselves while enjoying shared experiences and developing life-long friendships. Our boarding school rules and regulations support the the School’s mission of nurturing every student’s intellectual curiosity and enabling each to flourish as a principled, open-minded, and compassionate member of our community. 

Boarding students are expected to respect the privacy of others. Students are only allowed to be in another student’s room by invitation and accompanied by the resident student, with the approval of the House Parent.

The boarding experience at TASIS England empowers students to grow in maturity, self-confidence, and resilience. Their leadership potential is nurtured, they learn to make good decisions, and they improve their sense of individual and community responsibility as they learn to respect the school rules and each other.

Boarding prepares students for adult life. Members of TASIS England’s boarding community come from all over the world, promoting international-mindedness and celebrating the diverse, unique contributions of each person. 

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