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Health Center

The Health Center is committed to the health and well-being of every student.

At TASIS England, one of the ways we look after the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of our students is to ensure that care is available at any time should they need it.

Our Health Center is staffed by fully qualified nurses who are on hand throughout the day and can be contacted at any time in an emergency. The nurses also work closely with the TASIS Counselors to ensure that they have a holistic view of any health concerns.

Upon enrollment at TASIS England and prior to the beginning of each new school year, we require that confidential health documents are completed for all of our registered students. Obtaining this thorough overview of their general health, any pre-existing conditions, and required medications enables our Health Center to provide efficient and comprehensive care whenever needed.



The importance of health care services for boarders

As a boarding school,TASIS England assumes responsibility for the healthcare of our resident students when they are at school. The Health Center has several en suite bedrooms to accommodate boarders who cannot attend lessons during the school day due to illness if it is determined that they require medical care and supervision. 

As well as the nursing team, boarders have access to other trained healthcare professionals. They can ask a nurse to book an appointment with a doctor who provides an on-campus clinic three times a week. The School can also arrange appointments with local dentists, orthodontists, and physiotherapists, as required.

Creating a healthy environment

TASIS England looks after all aspects of student life and well-being and creates a healthy environment where students have access to nutritious food and regular physical excercise. Health professionals and school counselors are on hand to help them with any concerns they may have.

When students feel healthy, safe, and supported – physically, mentally, and emotionally – they are more likely to truly flourish. They actively engage in their learning journeys, become resilient, and develop meaningful relationships with their peers. We endeavor to give our students the tools to take care of themselves, as well as the confidence to ask for help when they need it.