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Break Information for the Boarding Community

Winter Holidays - Information for the Boarding Community

Winter Break

With the winter holidays fast approaching and travel much more complex than usual this year, we thank those who have submitted plans to Boardingware already. We ask that all Winter Break details are added ASAP, please, so that we can effectively plan the next two weeks and assist with any potential issues arising. 

TASIS England will close our boarding houses on Saturday, December 19, at 1 p.m. Some families (particularly those from countries with stringent travel restrictions) are enquiring as to whether their children can depart early and travel prior to December 19, and then follow lessons synchronously or asynchronously thereafter until January. Given the difficulties involved in travelling to some countries, we can of course offer this level of flexibility. 

We can also assist with transfers to airports where required. Please contact slewis@tasisengland.org for transport details.

PCR COVID Travel Certificates

Some families are enquiring about gaining PCR COVID Travel Certificates prior to getting on flights home. Some countries require them and some do not. It is therefore essential that you regularly check the international travel requirements with your local embassy or consulate prior to making flight bookings.

There are many companies that offer PCR travel test certificates (for a price) with a typical turnaround time of 48 hours. I’ve included some links (below) for London based companies below that a few of our boarders have already successfully used in order to fly home.

If your child requires a PCR Travel Certificate, I’d advise the following:

  • Check with your embassy to find out exactly what they require.
  • Communicate these exact requirements (along with the date of travel) to your company of choice and ask if they can help / advise when to book the test.
  • Book the test online or over the phone. Always book the "In-clinic" option (postal tests might not arrive in time).
  • Once the test is booked, contact slewis@tasisengland.org with the details of the test location, date, and time. We can book your child's transportation to / from the test. 

Local Companies offering PCR Travel Certificates 

https://www.coronatestcentre.com  - Hammersmith



Return to School

Our boarding Houses will reopen on Tuesday, January 5, at 8 a.m. School lessons will resume both in person and online on Wednesday, January 6. Those requiring self-isolation due to travel can complete this on campus between January 5 - 19 while following lessons online. However, there is good news in that this travel quarantine can be to be reduced to five days following a negative covid test (details below):

Test to Release scheme

The UK Government has released details of the “Test to Release” scheme for international travel, whereby those arriving from non-exempt countries can be released from self-isolation after five days rather than the current 14. It is essential that parents should read the full guidance to understand how the scheme will work. In particular please note the following:

  • The scheme starts on December 15.
  • It is valid for all countries not on the current list of exemptions.
  • Passengers should book the test before leaving for the UK and put the details on the passenger locator form.
  • Only tests carried out by Government-approved facilities will count. This can either be by attendance in person or by having a test kit posted to the address listed on the form.
  • Tests cannot be taken until the FIFTH FULL DAY after a person has left a non-exempt country. The departure time is key, not the arrival time in the UK. The guidance gives this example: someone leaving at 11 a.m. on Monday would count Tuesday as the first day and would be eligible for a test on Day 5, Saturday.

The Boarding School Association has written to the Department for Education to ask for clarity about when the list of approved centers will be published in order for parents to book tests. We await their response, but will send details as soon as they are released.

Some parents have been enquiring about boarding arrangements for the February break (February 6 - 14). The boarding provision will remain open over this period of time.

Visit our Back2TASIS webpage for detailed updates about the plans and processes that focus on protecting the health, safety, and well-being of our entire community.