Break Information for the Boarding Community

Spring Break - Information for the Boarding Community

Spring Break

Spring Break runs from Saturday, March 27, to Sunday, April 7. A boarding option will be available over Spring Break for any student who wishes to remain on campus.

Return dates & times:
Please contact Houseparents with dates, times, and country of origin so that we can prepare for arrivals. If an airport collection is required, please contact Miss Lewis will email you a copy of a school travel letter once we receive confirmation of your return date.

Returning from within the UK:
Any boarders arriving from within the UK do not require quarantine.

Returning from anywhere overseas (click on the blue links for additional information):

  • PCR test certificates are now a requirement for entry into the UK from anywhere overseas.
  • In addition to a negative covid test certificate up to 72 hours before entering the UK, everyone must book a travel test package – this costs £210 (Travel Quarantine Test booking link). Travelers must take a COVID-19 test on or before day 2 of isolation for variant surveillance and a test on or after day 8 to check that they do not have COVID-19.
  • A Passenger Locator Form must be completed pre-travel, as all travelers will need to present it on arrival.
  • All boarders will take a Lateral Flow Device (LFD) test on arrival before returning to dorms. Any positive cases will be isolated and we will follow our existing "care, isolate, test" procedure. Boarding staff are already being tested twice per week.
  • Any boarders arriving from countries not on the "Red List" will complete quarantine in their own dorm bedroom. Where there is already another student present in the room, we will transfer the self-isolating student over to the new Vicarage Mews boarding house. Students in this category can opt into the UK Government "Test to Release" scheme in order to reduce isolation to 5 days. Parents can book appointments directly via this link and we can provide transport where requested.
  • If your return journey to the UK transits another country, you should check whether it is subject to a travel ban or any other additional requirements.

  • Travel from or through "Red List" countries: Anyone who is not a British or Irish national, or who does not have the right to reside in the UK, and who has travelled from or through a "Red List" country in the previous 10 days, is not permitted to enter the UK and should not travel. Where pupils (and their parents, guardians, or family members) meet the UK entry requirements and have travelled from or through a "Red List" country in the previous 10 days, they must quarantine in a managed quarantine hotel for 10 days. If traveling from or through a red list country, parents will need to put in place arrangements to ensure that they, or a guardian or family member, accompanies their child at all times, including while they are in quarantine. This may be a parent, guardian, or family member who has accompanied their child when traveling to England, or a different parent, guardian, or family member who will need to join and stay with their child in quarantine. Where parents are unable to travel with their child or provide a guardian or family member to quarantine with their child, they should not travel. The costs of isolating in a hotel will be borne by the parent and are currently set at £1,750 per person. There are reductions for adults and children sharing a room. Along with all other UK boarding schools, we are lobbying for boarding students to quarantine at school, but this is not currently possible..

    Travel Advice by country:
    Details of travel advice from each country can be found here:

    Quarantine at school:
    Whether quarantining in their dorm bedroom or in the new boarding house, boarders must remain in their bedrooms (except during arranged times to get fresh air). All meals will be delivered to quarantining boarders and they will leave empty trays outside their bedroom doors for collection. Staff will be present to support students in isolation.

    Please visit our Back2TASIS webpage for detailed updates about the plans and processes that focus on protecting the health, safety, and well-being of our entire community.