Boarding Life

TASIS England offers a boarding program where students (age 13 to 18) gain independence, responsibility, respect, and resilience through the development of life-long relationships and shared experiences. 

Almost half of our Upper School students as well as some of our eighth grade students live on campus in boarding houses supervised by a dynamic TASIS boarding team who are committed to making the residential experience safe, friendly, warm, and caring.

Students form life-long friendships as they live and work together and participate in the wide range of weekend activities available. Rooms are typically shared between two or three students, each with a different mother tongue to encourage the use of English and to share and celebrate our diversity within a global community. All meals are provided, and the on-campus health Center ensures that nursing care is available if required.


Boarding prepares you for the unexpected. You get an idea of how to handle difficult situations without help from your parents or family. You learn how to make decision for yourself."
Femi, Boarding Student

Advantages of Boarding

Transitions to University

A Boarding Family


We go beyond academic achievement and promote each boarding student's self-confidence and leadership potential, while nurturing a sense of individual and community responsibility. 

Well Prepared

Our boarding students are well prepared for the learning journey beyond TASIS England and into university of choice. They gain independence, responsibility respect, and resilience.