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Boarding at TASIS England

Introduction to Boarding at TASIS England

TASIS England offers an excellent boarding experience on our 46-acre campus, set in beautiful grounds in Surrey, near London. In our international boarding school program, students (aged 13 -18) have great fun while gaining independence, responsibility, and respect as they share experiences and develop life-long relationships. 

Approximately half of our Upper School students and some of our eighth grade students live on campus. Our boarding houses are supervised by a caring TASIS England boarding team who are committed to making the residential experience safe, friendly, warm, and enjoyable. With our guidance and encouragement, each student will develop the empathy, resilience, and confidence needed to make their pursuit of academic excellence achievable and fulfilling.

We welcome students from all over the world to join our vibrant, inclusive school community. Students form life-long friendships and make lasting memories as they live and work together and enjoy a varied program of travel, social, and weekend activities. 

Rooms are typically shared between two or three students, each with a different home language to encourage the use of English and to share and celebrate the diversity of our internationally minded community. All meals are provided, and the on-campus Health Center ensures that health care is available if required.

Our Boarding Principles and Practice Policy fully supports TASIS England's Mission to nurture intellectual curiosity and embolden each learner to flourish as a principled, open-minded, and compassionate member of our global community.

ISA Boarding School of the Year Award 2023



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What does the TASIS England Boarding Program offer?

Families looking for a boarding school in the UK appreciate the international nature of our residential community. With more than 200 students from over 30 countries, the TASIS England boarding program provides a structured environment in which young people of all nationalities and backgrounds flourish as they live, learn, and laugh together.

Our expansive Surrey campus offers the dual advantages of excellent facilities on its stunning grounds as well as proximity to vibrant, bustling London – the perfect location for weekend excursions and activities.

Benefits for Boarders

Our students develop independence while participating in our thriving and diverse community. As they are guided and empowered to take responsibility for many aspects of their lives, they grow as confident, curious, and culturally aware citizens of the world.

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Assurance for Parents

Our residential team regularly communicates with our international community of boarding parents, who often talk of their sense of belonging despite the distance. Wherever you are in the world, you can feel secure in the knowledge that your child is valued and cared for as an individual.

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What’s next?

TASIS England is a truly international school, not simply because of the number of nationalities or languages represented in our community, but because we encourage our students to become internationally minded by giving them opportunities to explore and understand global cultures, attitudes, and values. We are educating the leaders of the future.

We would love for your family to join TASIS England and gain from, and contribute to, our diverse learning community. Contact us today to find out more.