Tuition & Fees

School Tuition Fees 2021-22 Academic Year

Day Fees

Early Years Program (Ages 3-5)   £12,280
Early Years fees are inclusive of tuition, classroom materials, most activities, and snacks.

Grade & Full Year Tuition Fees
K – 3      £20,900
4 – 8       £24,390
9 – 13     £26,375

Fees include lunches, loan of textbooks, IT and laboratory fees, some classroom materials, and the cost of most curriculum-related activities and field trips. Fees do not include busing, uniforms, varsity sports travel and equipment, Fall Travel Week (Upper School), or costs of external exams such as the SAT, AP, or IB exams.

Boarding Fees

Full Year (Grade 8–13)      £48,900
Boarding fees include tuition, room and full board, loan of textbooks, most IT and laboratory fees, annual laptop maintenance, some classroom materials, most curriculum-related activities and field trips, travel insurance for school-sponsored trips, weekly linen service for bed linen and towels, and laundry facilities. 

For Grades 9–12 the Fall Travel Week is mandatory and is included; travel programs during the February and Spring breaks are optional and are subject to an additional charge. For Grade 8, the Start-of-School and European Trips are mandatory and are included.

Boarding fees do not include medical insurance, uniforms, varsity sports travel and equipment, or costs of external exams such as the SAT, AP, or IB exams.

Fees for boarding students joining TASIS for the 1st or 2nd semester only:

1st Semester Only       £27,420
2nd Semester Only      £24,460

Application Fee

A non-refundable application fee of £150 must accompany each application form. We are unable to issue an invoice for the application fee, but a receipt will be issued upon request.

Development Fund

All new students pay a one-time-only Development Fund fee of £750 towards the School's ongoing building and maintenance program.

Financial Assistance

Please refer to our Financial Assistance and Scholarships information for full details.

Medical Insurance

Medical insurance is mandatory for boarding students and is available through the School. Upon receipt of a completed medical insurance application form, TASIS will issue an invoice for the insurance cover. If a boarding student is covered by a personal medical insurance policy, we require a copy of the policy for the School's records.