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Global Community Scholarship Application


At TASIS The American School in England, scholarship recipients are expected to excel in more than one area of school life, including academics, arts, sports, community service, and leadership. We expect our scholars to maintain high standards of performance and behavior, while contributing to the school community.   

Additional information:

  • It is the intent and expectation that the student will continue to receive the same award amount every year they are enrolled at TASIS England. 

  • The School also expects the student to consistently maintain appropriate standards of behavior and academic performance, and contribute positively to the school community. However, we understand that students will experience challenges and temporary lapses of judgment, and the School will continue to support the student and maintain the Scholarship award. 

  • The Scholarship would only be reviewed or reconsidered if the student’s conduct on or away from campus indicates that he or she is consistently out of sympathy with the mission, commitments, outcomes (ideals and objectives), and program of the School, or they are failing one or more academic courses. The student and family will be notified if the Scholarship is under review and all reasonable opportunities to support the student and maintain the Scholarship will be attempted before withdrawing the Scholarship for the following academic year.

Global Community Scholarship Application

The TASIS England Global Community Scholarship Application consists of three parts, as described below.

Part I requests your permission to share the requested information with the TASIS England Scholarship Committee. Parts II and III provide a preview of the questions to be answered by the applicant.

Please note that all answers should be submitted using the Google form linked below.