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Families: Settling In

TASIS England Families in Transition

Many of our families are experiencing the excitement and challenges of relocation. 

We work with each TASIS England family to provide a warm welcome, with plenty of support to help you and your child to find your feet. This includes help and advice with the practicalities of transitionincluding moving to England, as well as supporting you with the social side of settling into life in your new home.

Our active TASIS England parents’ groups are invaluable school assets and they work hard throughout the year organizing events and providing advice and information to ensure your whole family feels like they belong at TASIS England.  

We are renowned for our family support. We have twice been shortlisted for the prestigious "School Providing Outstanding Relocation Support" Award by Relocate Global. 

If you have any questions about moving to TASIS England please call the Admissions team on +44 (0) 1932 582316 or email

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Getting Settled Guide

Our Getting Settled Guide includes all the essential information a family needs to know, when they relocate to England. 

We hope that it will help you in this exciting journey and we look forward to welcoming you!


Families Relocating in England