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Academic Support and Learning Differences

Academic support arrangements at TASIS England reflect the wide range of backgrounds of families and children entering our school. Wide-ranging English language support is available in each section of our school and will be discussed during our application process.

Learning Differences

Whilst we don’t offer a full continuum of special education programs, we welcome students with Learning Differences, providing that, with our Learning Resource Department, we can offer them the required support.

We advise parents of children with any diagnosed or non-diagnosed Learning Differences, including physical disabilities, to discuss their child’s requirements with us before your visit so that we can determine if adequate provision is available. The School can make reasonable adjustments in accordance with our Accessibility Plan to meet additional requirements of students where possible.

Our Learning Resource Center works with students, parents and guardians, classroom teachers, special services staff, and administrators in a collaborative process for the delivery of services to students with Learning Differences to provide additional academic, behavioral, and emotional support in addition to that available in the classroom and elsewhere.

Admission is dependent upon a match between the student's and the family's needs and the level of services available, and is determined on a case-by-case basis using multiple sources of information such as school records, evaluations, and interviews with students, parents, and teachers.

Parents of students who have received additional services previously or who believe they may need additional support should contact the Admissions Office as soon as possible. Failure to fully disclose information regarding a student’s learning differences may jeopardize his or her current and future placement at TASIS. Parents should provide a copy of any Educational Psychologist’s report or a medical report to support their request for additional support, for example, extra time during tests or other special arrangements, for discussion during our admissions process.

A full copy of our Admissions Policy may be found here

Mild, Specific Learning Difficulties