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We Catch Up with our 'TASIS Lifers' as They Approach Graduation.

We recently caught up with four of our 'TASIS Lifers', students that have been with us since the age of 3 at Frog Hollow through to Upper School.

In 1944, Mrs. M. Crist Fleming established Frog Hollow Country Day School in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, which she directed until 1955. After founding TASIS The American School England in 1976, Mrs. Fleming named the nursery/pre-school after her school in Pennsylvania and so Frog Hollow was born.

Frog Hollow provided young children in nursery and pre-kindergarten, aged three and four, with a stimulating environment for learning. The main goal of the program was to give each child a sound educational foundation while also developing a sense of responsibility, independence, compassion, fairness, and respect for self and others. These values are now integral to our Early Years program.

We recently caught up with four of our ‘TASIS Lifer' students who have been with us from the age of three at Frog Hollow through to Upper School. The students are pictured left to right: Gabriela S., Gabrielle N., Daniella, and Allegra.

Gabriela S. is passionate about sports and is the captain of the football, basketball, and softball varsity teams. Gabriela recalled that one of her favorite memories of her time at Frog Hollow and Lower School was enjoying recess, and going outside to play with her friends. When asked about her future ambitions, Gabriela told us, “I hope to go to university to study psychology and criminology.” We are not surprised to hear that she also wants to continue playing sports!

Gabrielle N. talked about how much fun she used to have playing in the sandbox while at Frog Hollow, and remembers looking forward to snack time. The beautiful campus is what Gabrielle loves most about TASIS, and she also really enjoys her IB classes. Gabrielle is looking forward to university and said, “I want to study law and help improve people’s lives.”

Daniella, a keen tennis player, recently celebrated her 18th birthday at TASIS. When asked what she remembers enjoying most about Lower School, Daniella told us she enjoyed the Halloween celebrations, and remembered having great fun at the end-of-year picnics. Daniella commented, “What I love most about TASIS is the diverse people. I made friends that I could never forget.” Daniella’s ambition is to open up her own restaurant; we look forward to visiting it in the near future! 

Throughout high school, Allegra has been actively involved with, and became captain of, the Varsity Cheerleading team. Additionally, she has enjoyed taking on leadership roles by working as a student prefect, participating in the TASIS leadership academy, and serving as an Admissions Office Student Ambassador. Allegra also recalls enjoying the “Trunk or Treat” Halloween celebrations during her years at TASIS but concluded that her favorite aspect of life at TASIS is the cultural diversity. As Allegra explained, “Enrolling students from over 50 countries fosters an international mindset and allows students to become more tolerant and accepting of others.”  In the future, Allegra would like to be involved in the financial industry, preferably with an international focus.

Allegra and Daniella are also actively involved with charity work, specifically the Peru Club which organizes fundraisers to increase awareness and collect funds for impoverished school children in Peru. 

We wish our 'TASIS Lifers' all the very best for their future and look forward to hearing about their new adventures.