TASIS Students Help Keep Local Community Tidy

From plastic bottles and crisp packets to takeaway cartons, litter is an increasing problem in the UK. In fact, the country spends on average £1 billion a year on cleaning up litter.

Keeping the local community tidy is an important priority for TASIS students.

Last month, 11 TASIS Middle School students volunteered a few hours of their time after lessons to help clean up Thorpe. Within the first hour, they had collected an impressive 49kg (109lbs) of rubbish from the pavements of our local village, including empty bottles, crisp packets, cans, plastic bags, and more.

Separately, and as part of their mission to "Do a Good Turn Daily," Cub Scouts from TASIS also spent a few hours cleaning up the community park in Englefield Green.

As the UK's litter crisis continues to escalate, TASIS students are keen to demonstrate their good stewardship of the environment by looking after the local area.