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TASIS staff and students raising the bar in STEM!

The introduction of a 3D printing class opens up a whole world of opportunities for TASIS students to develop their skills and work on fun and innovative projects.  

TASIS England is dedicated to providing STEM education and empowering our students to use their creativity and develop their critical thinking skills which they can utilize in the future. As part of our commitment to STEM, Mr. Tzanis, Middle School Science & STEM Teacher and his 7th/8th graders have been busy working on an exciting project to create a TASIS iPhone Case using 3D printing.

Mr. Tzanis introduced a new online 3D Printing class. In the first session, students were given a demonstration of how 3D printing works, and were set a task to design their personalized iPhone case with Autodesk TinkerCAD. In the next three sessions, the students went on to create their own digital portfolio, encouraging them to experiment and develop their skills.  The class decided on the final phone cover design which incorporates the TASIS brand guidelines and color palette and looks eyecatching and modern. " It has been great to see how engaged and excited the students are about this project, 3D printing is so much fun to work with, and being able to see your design literally appear before your eyes is amazing", said Mr, Tzanis.

We think the TASIS iPhone case looks great and we look forward to seeing the finished result and trialing it soon on our TASIS work phones