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TASIS Oscars Celebrate Students' Multimodal Talent

TASIS Oscars Celebrate Students' Multimodal Talent

The Oscars have come to TASIS! Grade 12 English students completed their film projects this week. Groups created a movie inspired by their study of The Collector by John Fowles. The project ended with an Oscars vote where students evaluated their peers’ work and then voted on the various Oscar categories.

The Grade 12 English students then attended a red-carpet event where they received their awards. (A special thank you to Russell Jarman for kindly getting this carpet for us each year!!)

Ella C. made this year's event extra special by making personalized award certificates for each winner. “It’s important to be recognized for the hard work you put in. I just decided to make it fun,” Ella said. She was surprised to learn later that she would be the recipient of four of those beautiful award certificates. Ella's classmates voted for her to receive Best Supporting Actress, Best Screenplay, Best Director, and the crème de la crème of the awards, Best Film.

The Collector film project reinforces critical literacy skills such as planning, organizing, producing, polishing, and evaluating texts. Students gain a variety of strategies for presenting learning to an audience of their peers. Art and creativity meld with analysis and interpretation. 

Senior Ethan S. spent “a good two hours” listening to music from the Monogatari anime series before he selected the twelve songs he used in his project. Ethan’s hard work was recognized with the Oscar for Best Musical Score. “I wanted music that builds tension, so it feels more ominous to set the mood for what happened,” Ethan said.

Ethan’s fellow group member, Vini, also contributed with his aesthetic expertise. “I made everyone look sadder and more nervous,” he said. Vini’s work was recognized with the Oscar for Best Makeup. “I have a process, which I call natural make-up. I don’t like fake and artificial make-up,” Vini explained. 

And now, the list of all the winners!   

Best Film: Ella C., Max S., Helena D., Sophia A., Luiz Angelo D.B., Dani B.

Best Screenplay: Ella C.

Best Actor: Max S.

Best Actress: Sophia A.

Best Supporting Actor: Partha K.

Best Supporting Actress: Ella C.

Best Director: Ella C.

Best Cinematography: Helena D.

Best Editing: Helena D.

Best Special Effects: Paul H.

Best Musical Score: Ethan S.

Best Costumes: Tejul D., Deniz A.

Best Make-up: Vini van A.M.

In the photo:
Back row: Sophia A., Helena D., Ella C., Dani B., Logan D., Luiz Angelo D.B., Paul H.
Front row: (kneeling) Deniz A., Ethan S.M.