"Some Good TASIS News" - a video created by Ms. Wilkins & her Grade 12 English students


Ms. Wilkins, TASIS England English teacher, and her Grade 12 students have recently completed their "Some Good TASIS News" project.

The project was inspired by the popular John Krasinski show "Some Good News" which gave Ms. Wilkins the idea to create something similar to entertain the TASIS community, hosted by the students.  

Ms. Wilkins said “I wanted to create something for the students, by the students, to encourage student voice and to cheer up the TASIS community during these challenging times. I have really enjoyed watching John Krasinski’s ‘Some Good News” and thought it would be fun to create something like that which would resonate with our students and help lift their spirits.”

TASIS England students from all over the globe connected virtually and collaborated with Ms. Wilkins on the project, and worked on their own videos from their homes, covering topics such as how to keep entertained during lockdown, study and fashion tips and even how to make your own face masks. Many thanks to everyone involved and a special thanks to Jason, and Lauren for doing such a great job of editing the video.

We hope you enjoy the video. We can’t wait to try out the banana bread recipe!

The Grade 12 English student “Some Good TASIS News” participants include the following:

Luis, Mary, Murray, Lauren, Ryan, Jaime, Giulio, Nick, Ronnie, Ryan, Emi,Olivia, Sunhee, Martina, Maeve, Mami, Ruari, Ryan, Gabriela, Jaden, Megan, Jena, Karma, Matthew, Hunter, Max, Wega, Jonathan, Colton, Ben, Jason, Daniella, Holly, Felicia and Declan.