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TASIS England Wins Excellence in Education Award from Relocate Global

TASIS England Wins Excellence in Education Award from Relocate Global

TASIS England is delighted to announce that it has been honored with the prestigious Excellence in Education – Schools or Education Consultancy award.

This accolade recognizes the outstanding quality of education provided to mobile families, reflecting the school's commitment to successful, timely, and stress-free relocations that support talent retention, enhance employer branding, and promote employee engagement.

The award was presented by Pam Mundy, Executive Director of Pam Mundy Associates and a respected member of the panel of judges. In their commendation, the judges highlighted TASIS England's comprehensive and inclusive approach to relocation and mobility.

"Relocation and mobility permeate all aspects of what the school continues to do. They offer support at all levels for all families at various points of the relocation process and have built the essential flexibility that engages and supports parents in all aspects of the process. Resource materials are current, relevant, and alert to a constantly changing demographic. TASIS England is to be congratulated for their coordinated range of onboarding support offerings for the entire school community and their agility in responding to international policy change, ensuring that support for relocation remains focused on the personal (human) experience for each family, recognizing the diversity of need and tailoring support accordingly," the judges explained.

The award was proudly accepted by Bryan Nixon, Head of School, and Mary Biddlecombe, Executive Director, Development and External Relations, TASIS England.

"We are incredibly honored to receive this award, which is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our entire community," said Bryan Nixon. Mary Biddlecombe added, "Our commitment to providing seamless support for relocating families is at the heart of what we do, and we are thrilled to be recognized for our efforts."

TASIS England remains dedicated to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for all families, ensuring a smooth transition and a positive experience throughout the relocation process.