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PGL Liddington – A Setting for Adventure!

PGL Liddington – A Setting for Adventure!

This year, our Middle School celebrated the start of the new school year by participating in their first overnight bonding trip since the autumn of 2019.

In the midst of the September heatwave, over 140 students and teachers bravely set out for the 150-acre activity center in Wiltshire to make new connections, learn how to work collaboratively, and grow both individually and as a community. This trip challenged every member to listen to the needs of their peers and trust each other.

Middle School PGL Trip_group shot

Along the way, they discovered that, through collaborative efforts, their results would be beyond what any single individual could do. Whether experiencing the sensory trail, undertaking the challenge course, working together to build a raft, or sharing a room with three other people, it was a fully immersive experience during which our students learned a lot about themselves and each other.

Middle School PGL Trip 2023

The trip was a wonderful opportunity for our middle schoolers to stretch themselves and find out what they are capable of, individually and as a group. It also helped them identify areas that are still very much under development and can be strengthened. Keywords for this trip were active listening, cooperation, growth mindset, and resilience. All of these skills were applied in abundance. 

The weekend was a welcome time for everyone to rest and recuperate from the physicality and the heat that were also major components of this experience. Come Monday morning, however, the Middle School was buzzing with the chatter of new friendships cemented. There is now an even stronger sense of community among these students, underpinned with specific memories of coming together for a single cause, helping each other out, working through difficult challenges, and moving forward as a group toward a common positive outcome.

Take a look at our Flickr album for more photos of their adventures!