October Spotlight on Service – Joseph and Samuel

For this month’s Spotlight on Service, Service Ambassador Deniz (Grade 11) talks with brothers Joseph (Grade 12) and Samuel (Grade 10) about their creation of an Odd Jobs business during the lockdown to raise funds for two charities near and dear to them.

When asked how they came up for the idea for this project, Joseph said, “Our goal was to earn some money over the summer, when there was very little to do because of COVID-19. However, we also thought that donating our earnings to the Runnymede Food Bank would be a nice thing to do that could really help people who are struggling during the pandemic. Since we were working locally, we wanted to donate to a local charity that would help people in need, and the Runnymede Foodbank fit that description perfectly. We thought what they were doing was amazing in its own right, and we decided that it would be a great charity to support. We came up with the idea to do garden work at people’s houses near ours.”  

Joseph and Samuel worked on a variety of odd jobs, including painting, lawn mowing, and weeding. Each brother specialized in a different task. Joseph, for example, mowed lawns, while Samuel weeded gardens. The brothers made sure to carry out their service safely, with all work taking place outdoors in a socially-distanced manner.  

Joseph and Samuel far surpassed their initial goal of raising £500 for the Runnymede Foodbank, donating £750 at the end of the summer.  

With school back in session this fall, Joseph and Samuel are continuing their service on Saturdays, and they plan to expand the reach of their project by also contributing to the Marimeni Primary School in Tanzania. Joseph says, “Back in the summer of 2019 when we climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, we visited the school and got to meet all the wonderful children and teachers there, and we got to experience their teaching conditions. The school itself will forever hold a special place in our hearts, and we want to do whatever we can to improve the education and lives of those students.”

Well done to Joseph and Samuel for playing their part to support the Runnymede Foodbank and the Marimeni Primary School!

If you would like your service to be featured in a future Spotlight on Service, please contact Dr. Norris.