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November Spotlight on Service – Avery

For this month’s Spotlight on Service, Service Ambassador Lucy (Grade 12) talks with Avery (Grade 11) about her Etsy shop, averyBdesigns, where she designs and sells jewelry to raise money for charity.

Having always enjoyed making jewelry, and encouraged by her mother to find a project to help pass the time, Avery decided to use her talents to create an Etsy shop at the beginning of the UK lockdown last spring. In her Etsy shop, averyBdesigns, she sells colorful, fun, and trendy jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, and rings, donating all of the proceeds to Macmillan Cancer Support and Black Lives Matter. 

Avery says that it was hard at first to get the website up-and-running, and she had to work every day to get it going and to find customers and build up a base. However, since starting this project, Avery has had over 150 customers shop in her online store. Avery attributes her success to the work she puts into the project. On average, it takes Avery about 45 minutes to finish a piece of jewelry, but some of her larger pieces such as necklaces take her around three hours to complete. By spending multiple hours during the week on her shop, thinking of designs and making the jewelry, Avery definitely merits her success. 

Avery’s jewelry costs between £5-£20 per piece, with necklaces and customization costing more. Avery has donated all of her proceeds, so far totaling more than £150, to Macmillan Cancer Support and Black Lives Matter. Avery decided on these charities as she believes they are both very influential and make a big difference on issues close to her heart. Avery was especially interested in supporting TASIS’s fundraising efforts for Macmillan Cancer Support that Mrs. Hudgens organizes through Coffee Mornings and, with Black Lives Matters, Avery sought to contribute to such a topical and worldwide movement.

We commend Avery for the creative way she has found to make a difference. Those who would like to visit her Etsy shop, averyBdesigns, may do so at this link: