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Middle School Speakers Wow their Audience

Middle School Speakers Wow their Audience

On Wednesday, Grades 6 through 8 came together in the Fleming Theatre to hear the polished performances of the finalists in the Middle School Speech Contest.

Each year group was assigned a different type of speech, with Grade 6 working to inform, Grade 7 providing a personal narrative, and Grade 8 using the power of persuasion to put forth their case. It was up to the students to choose a topic, do the necessary research, write, and finally present their work to their classmates.

The gathering of students was fully engaged as they listened raptly and showed their appreciation for the orators chosen to present their speeches in the annual contest. The contenders spoke on the following topics:

Sixth Grade

  • Greg G. – Asteroid Mining
  • Luiza M. – The Father of Astronomy
  • Thayer M. – Life Lessons from Movies

 Seventh Grade

  • Nathan B. – Moldovan Army Fun Day
  • Tilly B. – Banksy
  • Liv S. – Confidence in Cooking

 Eighth Grade

  • Anne-Frédérique B. – Don’t Do Drugs
  • Avani T. – Pink is Everyone’s Colour
  • Nora W. – Femmephobia
  • Temitope W.– The Dire State of Nigeria’s Health Care

Head of Middle School Mr. Stover explained, "Under the guidance of their talented English teachers, Middle School students in Grades 6 to 8 composed speeches to deliver in their English classes. Through a rigorous scoring rubric, finalists were selected for each grade level. They then delivered their speeches in front of the entire Middle School in a formal competition. This year's speeches were especially impressive, and we thank all of our contenders (and their teachers!) for the time, energy, and effort they put forth in preparing for the competition."

The judges agreed and, when the scores were tallied, the results were very close. However, the winners were declared and presented with their trophies. Congratulations to Thayer, Tilly, and Nora!