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How Sweet It Is...

Staff members organized some Spring Break fun with the "Great Anners Bake Off" in support of Stand Up 2 Cancer (SU2C).

Despite the continuing travel restrictions, the easing of lockdown rules allowed our faculty families to spend time out in the garden together during the break. Making the most of the long Easter weekend, the residents of Anners came up with the idea of holding a bake-off competition.

The contest included two rounds. In the first, bakers had to make something with dough. Stacie Bowser’s "Swim Butter Biscuits" took top honors with Bethany Walker’s cinnamon rolls awarded second place.

Round two - the Showstopper - tested the contestants' creativity and nerve with the task of making something that they had always wanted to make but had never attempted. Anna Kranwinkle and Erin Bagley collaborated on a croquembouche with maple cream filling. This impressive creation earned them first place and the star-baker golden spoon award. Danielle Werkmeister's Oreo truffles and Alice Tully's loaf cake shared second place.

Thanks go to Caroline McGrath and Alex Nemtoiu for their help in the onerous task of tasting and judging all of the very worthy entries. And the cherry on top? We are pleased to report that the team raised £50 to donate to SU2C.