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Celebrating IB Diploma Evaluation Success

All IB World Schools are regularly reviewed by the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO), and, in December, TASIS England had a comprehensive evaluation visit.

We are proud to announce that the exceptionally strong report that resulted includes 20 Commendations and highlights the Upper School’s well-established and effective implementation of the IB Diploma Programme.

In many areas, the commendations related to teaching and learning practices. Head of School Bryan Nixon commented, “We would like to thank all of our IB Diploma teachers and students for their commitment to the IB and the continuous development of the program at TASIS England. We also acknowledge and commend the pivotal role that our IB Diploma Coordinator, Stephanie Feo Hughes, has played in guiding our successful implementation of the program.”

As part of the Upper School learning journey, TASIS England students can opt to follow the IB Diploma Programme during their final two years of school. Based on the best practices of educational systems worldwide, the IB encourages critical thinking, research skills, and service as part of the learning process. As such, it is widely recognized by universities worldwide and is considered to be an international passport to higher education.

The IBO accreditation process is both rigorous and comprehensive, and the periodic reviews not only affirm current practice but also provide a framework for on-going development and improvement.