Careers Expo Event a Great Success

The TASIS England Careers Expo 2020 was a great success attended by 120 Grade 8-12 students and 30 professionals from a variety of exciting industries such as The Armed Forces, real estate, archaeology, and law.

TASIS England is dedicated to developing close working relationships with employers across a wide spectrum of specialisms in order to be able to offer future internship and mentoring opportunities to our students.

We held Careers Expo 2020 on the TASIS England campus on Thursday, March 5. The event was a great success, attended by 120 Grade 8-12 students, and we have received excellent feedback from both our panel of experts and our students. Many thanks to Ms. Mitchell, Associate Director of Marketing and Communications, who headed up the team of staff and parents who organized the event.

Careers Expo 2020 brought together 30 professionals from a variety of industries, including the Armed Forces, real estate development, archaeology, finance, petrochemicals, and law among others. Each industry expert gave a presentation during which they talked about their career paths, shared valuable insights, and offered practical advice about what skills and attributes are needed for success in the future workplace.   

Students attended three 20-minute breakout sessions of their choice, during which they interacted with our panel of speakers. The event not only gave students the opportunity to discover more about the career paths that interest them, but also gave the visiting experts the chance to meet the workforce of the future.

Students completed feedback forms about Careers Expo 2020 and their comments were overwhelmingly positive. The students told us they found the event really useful. For some, it helped them narrow down their interests. Others were excited to discover that starting down one professional path doesn’t necessarily lock you in for life – many of the guest speakers changed direction during their careers.

A number of students highlighted the most memorable piece of advice given to them throughout the afternoon, including:

“Do what you love and you will excel at it.”

“Takes risks – opportunities are everywhere if you look for them.”

“Don’t stop learning!”

One student was also excited to learn that if you work for an airline you get to fly first class!

In order to ensure we are preparing our students for their future workplaces and careers, TASIS believes schools need to be connected to "real world" organizations and professionals. Head of School Bryan Nixon commented, "Going forward, the ability to think in different ways will be necessary. Today’s children are going to have between 5 and 15 different careers in the future, and we need to make sure they are prepared. It’s about developing the attributes and skills that are going to help them prepare for the future."

TASIS is fortunate to have such great support from so many professionals and their organizations. We look forward to continuing to provide an insight into potential career paths for our students in future events and through our Speaker Series.

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