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Pursuing her Passion for Theatre

Pursuing her Passion for Theatre

Congratulation to Ava J., Grade 11, who was accepted to the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain! She has developed a passion for acting during her time at TASIS England and has participated in five productions, playing a wide variety of roles. 

Ava is currently studying IB Theatre, a multifaceted course that gives students the opportunity to make theatre as creators, designers, directors, and performers. The support of her teachers helped her as she prepared for the National Youth Theatre auditions.

Acceptance into the program gives Ava fantastic opportunities to meet other aspiring actors and pursue her dreams through castings and workshops. Click on the link to watch our video in which Ava tells her story.

About the National Youth Theatre:
The National Youth Theatre of Great Britain is a world-leading youth arts organization. It was established in 1956 as the first youth theatre in the world and, since then, it has nurtured the talent of hundreds of thousands of young people.​
​It aims to develop and nurture young people through creative arts and theatrical productions by giving them the opportunity to learn as much about themselves and how to relate to others, as they do about acting and technical theatre. The National Youth Theatre is a registered charity number 306075/SCO43665