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Alumni Spotlight: Sense and Sensibility

Karina Patel, Class of 2018 and currently a student at Northwestern University, shared the news that she recently directed a radio play based on the Jane Austen novel “Sense and Sensibility.”

First published in 1811, the story focuses on the Dashwood sisters, two young women trying to navigate the mountains of Push, Pull, Desire, Love, Loss, and Strength under the scrutiny of the gossiping society around them. While Elinor approaches the love in her life with restraint and caution, her sister Marianne jumps in head first and throws caution to the wind.

Karina wrote, “This hilarious adaptation of the Jane Austen classic follows them on their journey. It is packed with farcical characters and events and bursting at the seams with color, movement, and music. Our version brings this story to life in the format of a radio play, underscored with original music composed by our incredible music team and accompanied by an interactive website that displays the animated designs of our designers!”

This project was created from top to bottom by students at Northwestern University. The play was streamed online for a short time, but copyright restrictions mean it is no longer available. However, you can visit the other portions of the website, which includes an interactive experience, at It will remain up indefinitely and is best experienced on a desktop.