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Alumna Pria Gokhale Celebrates Women of Color in "Her Story is Our Story"

Pria Gokhale, a TASIS England alumna, recently published her first children’s book titled “Her Story is Our Story” which is available on Amazon.

Pria is currently a sophomore at the University of Texas at Austin. She was born in Austin, Texas, and moved to the UK with her family at the age of five, where she attended TASIS England until fifth grade. After serving as the editor for the children’s book "Aya’s Home," her continuing passion for representation in education led her to publish "Her Story is Our Story."

Reflecting on her childhood and the absence of information about so many women of color that she wished she would have learned about, Pria said, “I rarely saw a person who looked like me celebrated in my classroom, printed in my history book, or made into a statue. Mistakenly, I believed this was because most women of color had simply not done anything notable; as I grew older, I realized that this could not be further from the truth."

Pria was inspired and this new awareness led her to publish "Her Story is Our Story," featuring 10 amazing women of color whose stories should be known but are rarely told despite their accomplishments. By doing so, Pria hopes that "other young women may have the representational role models I did not."

You can purchase a copy of the book by visiting these links: US Amazon or UK Amazon

All proceeds benefit GirlForward, a Chicago-based non-profit organization that operates in Pria's local community. By providing support and creating opportunities, GirlForward seeks to empower young women displaced globally by conflict and persecution through three core programs: Mentoring, Education, and Safe Spaces.