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All the World's a Stage – Even Your Living Room!

We are delighted to announce that Middle School student Neha has written and performed an award-winning original monologue, earning first place in the Independent Schools Association (ISA) Shakespeare Monologue Competition.

The Bard's plays are full of monologues – a wonderful device that allows his characters to speak to the audience about their inner feelings and desires. Seventh grade drama students studied Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream in class earlier this year and were tasked with creating an original monologue from the perspective of one of the characters. Neha played the part of Theseus in class and decided to explore, as she puts it, "the more obnoxious side of this character" through her own monologue.

Written and filmed entirely during the lockdown in January, Neha borrowed her father's coat and wore her mother's dress as a robe as she strutted around her living room breathing life into his egotistical musings. The ISA judges were impressed and commented on Neha's ability to create "a clever and critical rendition of Theseus that well captures his egoism and power. Well delivered and presented. Lovely." Neha won a theatre gift token and was also presented with a certificate marking her achievement.

You can find her winning performance here on the ISA website.