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Why Consider an International Primary School?
Melodi Jordan, Head of Lower School at TASIS The American School in England

Many parents wonder what they might do to give their child the competitive advantage in the future. While the UK might enjoy a well-defined and consistent education system, many families look to the independent sector for more dynamic alternatives that will enable your child to stand out from the rest. Here are five reasons why you should consider an international primary school education.

  1. Teacher engagement boosts learning
    For young children, strong connections with encouraging teachers are the key to engagement and happiness at school. International schools emphasize small class sizes, which means that students get more quality time with highly qualified teachers. Students receive daily feedback and are given next steps to enhance their learning. This individualized approach provides just the right level of challenge and support for each student in their care, meaning there are no limits to their learning.
  2. Global perspective opens doorways
    The world is increasingly interconnected, economically and socially. Strong communication and interpersonal skills, along with adaptability and flexibility are keys to success. An international school community provides a natural pathway to these skills as students interact in a diverse, multinational environment each day in their classroom. International schools promote the exploration, sharing, and celebration of different cultures and ideas. Offering young learners opportunities to engage with others in this way helps them to develop a rich perspective of the world and enables them to approach new and challenging situations with skill and confidence.
  3. A sense of community provides a sense of meaning and belonging
    An international school is a uniquely warm and welcoming space. All stakeholders in the school understand both the challenges and benefits of transition. Because of this, a strong network of collaboration and support is an intrinsic component of this multinational environment. The parent community plays a critical role in an international school; opportunities to be involved abound within and outside of the school day. Life-long friends, much like family, develop in these environments. These strong bonds remain long after families move on, spanning years and continents.
  4.  International learners take action
    An international school environment sets the stage for young learners to understand and practice compassion towards others and to build positive relationships. International schools place value on connection, amongst the community and across the curriculum. This focus on what connects us fosters empathy and develops principled individuals who take responsibility for sustaining healthy relationships with themselves, their peers, their families, their communities, and their environment. The children learn and understand that their actions have an impact. Students who care can quickly become students who are engaged and involved in making the world better for those around them.
  5. A robust program creates pathways
    The right international school will provide a rich and rigorous academic experience for your child. A purpose-built, international curriculum nurtures intellectual curiosity and emboldens each learner to flourish. At TASIS England, we encourage creativity, reflection, and resilience in our young learners so that they grow in all areas of school life. The aim is not simply for children to gain knowledge, but to acquire the skills necessary to become passionate, life-long learners who are actively engaged with the world around them. We provide an exciting, alternative pathway to traditional systems, while still guiding students towards highly respected university choices in the future.

Choosing the right school for your child’s primary education is so important. When looking at options for your family, you may find that an international school provides the perfect diverse, challenging, and future-focused education you want for your child. 

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