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Seeking Excellence in Boarding Schools: The Crucial Attributes
Matt Kiely, Director of Boarding at TASIS The American School in England

Seeking Excellence in Boarding Schools: The Crucial Attributes

As a parent, choosing the school your child will attend is an important and challenging decision. If you're considering an international boarding school, you probably have many questions about what that experience will really be like for your child. Here, we provide an inside look at international boarding schools from a parent's point of view.
Many international boarding schools provide an exceptional academic experience, attracting high-achieving students from around the world. The curriculum is usually rigorous and geared toward preparing students for top universities globally. Classes are discussion-based and collaborative, encouraging critical thinking. Faculty are highly qualified and often have international teaching backgrounds.
TASIS England offers challenging academic programs that prepare students for success in university and beyond. Our experienced faculty members are dedicated to providing the balance of challenge and support that will enable students to achieve their full potential, and the small class sizes ensure that each student receives individual attention.
Student Life
While academics come first, co-curricular and leadership activities are important facets of school life. Students can play sports, participate in clubs, and take advantage of weekend activities and travel opportunities. The diversity of the student body provides a chance for students to learn from peers from different backgrounds.
Student life at TASIS England is a well-rounded experience that goes beyond academics. Our School encourages students to participate in co-curricular activities, competitive and recreational sports, and leadership opportunities that help them develop confidence, learn the importance of collaboration, and build communication skills. Our multicultural learning community provides an environment that promotes global understanding, compassion, and international-mindedness.

Student Well-Being
The issues that students encounter within a school community that can affect their well-being are often a reflection of issues that exist in wider society. Well-being is a broad term, but it refers to a complex combination of a person's physical, mental, emotional, and social health factors, all of which are strongly linked to happiness and life satisfaction. Schools that offer boarding need to have especially robust systems in place to ensure the safeguarding and pastoral care of students.

We understand that our students’ well-being is paramount and our support network includes house parents, teachers, advisors, counselors, and an independent listener. TASIS England has also created a unique THRIVE program that offers bespoke support to meet each student’s needs. By welcoming pupil voice and proactively identifying issues experienced by young people, we enable them to take ownership of their own well-being. This mentoring program underpins our dedication to fostering student growth, both academically and personally and guiding them to realize their full potential.

Living away from home at a young age fosters independence and maturity. Students gain important life skills like time management, organization, and self-advocacy in addition to their academic growth. Boarding staff provide structure and guidance to help students thrive on their own.
As a parent, you want to feel secure in the knowledge that your child is valued and cared for as an individual. TASIS England’s residential team regularly communicates with our international community of boarding parents, who often speak of their sense of belonging despite the distance. Wherever you are in the world, you can feel secure in the knowledge that your child is in good hands.
Global Perspective
Interacting with students from many countries gives boarding students a global perspective. They graduate with open-mindedness, intercultural communication skills, and networks around the world. The diversity of this experience simply can't be matched by most schools.
Families looking for a boarding school in the UK appreciate the global nature of our learning community, with over 60 nations represented and more than 30 languages spoken on campus. Within the structured environment of TASIS England’s boarding program, more than 200 students of all nationalities and backgrounds flourish as they live, learn, and laugh together.
University Preparation
With their strong academic reputations, international boarding schools often have exceptional records in university placement. Students usually have access to college counseling to help them match their individual skills and goals with target schools.
TASIS England’s four-year college counseling program provides tailored support and guidance for each student as they research, find, and apply to the universities that best fit their passions, needs, and skills. The School’s strong academic program, exam support, and college counseling resources help our graduates gain admission to excellent universities in the UK, the US, and worldwide.

The best boarding schools will provide a strong sense of community for students far from home. Living in the diverse community of an international school helps students develop the empathy, resilience, and confidence needed to make their pursuit of academic excellence achievable and fulfilling. The alumni networks of boarding schools are often incredibly strong.

TASIS England’s boarding facilities are not just buildings; they provide a home away from home, where students from across the globe come together to create a vibrant, international family. Our strong support network helps students develop the ability and confidence to flourish as part of this diverse yet unified community. We ensure that every student has a safe space in which to forge life-long friendships, enjoy their time studying in the UK, and prepare for a successful future.

Boarding Principles
A well-designed residential program includes many aspects of school life. It is important to research and understand the boarding principles of the school you are considering.

At TASIS England, students in our boarding program are supervised by a caring and experienced team committed to making the residential experience safe, friendly, welcoming, and enjoyable. Our Boarding Principles and Practice Policy fully supports TASIS England's Mission to nurture intellectual curiosity and embolden each learner to flourish as a principled, open-minded, and compassionate member of our global community.
It is natural for parents to experience difficult emotions about separation when deciding whether living away from home is the right choice for their child. But, with an understanding of the invaluable experiences and personal growth students gain from an international boarding experience, we can confidently say boarding schools are an excellent option for families who are seeking a world-class education.

Boarding schools are full of exciting opportunities for young people. From the moment they set foot on campus, they have opportunities to take their first steps into friendships that could navigate a lifetime together. Beyond the important social connections, opportunities are ripe for picking in every sphere of school life, including academics, sports, the arts, and travel. We urge our students to leave no opportunity unexplored during their time at TASIS England.


Matt Kiely, Head of Boarding School at TASIS The American School in England  |  28 Nov 2023


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