TASIS England Wildlife Club: 2014 in Review
Posted 08/01/2015 04:35PM

2014 was a busy year for students in the TASIS England Wildlife club. Who spent many hours in the Fleming Garden and have achieved much success both inside and outside of its walls. 

Led by Ms. Gediman, students have been tidying, planting, and clearing space for a new greenhouse at their wildlife garden patch. In addition to weekly activities in the garden, students have taken part in other enriching projects in 2014. 

In January 2014, they attended the ‘Design For Change Conference’ at Ashley Primary School in Walton-on-Thames. TASIS students presented their initiatives to the other delegates, which included using paper twice before recycling, taking smaller portions of food at lunchtime to avoid waste, and a proposal to create a large food compost for the school to deposit leftover food. When the group returned to school they presented their proposal of a compost heap to Headmaster, Mr. McBrien. The project has now been implemented and all of the composted food will be used to create nutritious soil to grow fruits and vegetables in the Fleming garden.

Thanks to visits from Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue, students learned about animal rehabilitation, how they are gradually released back to the wild, and why it is important to do so. Wildlife club members were able to witness the incubation process and hatching of ducklings, and they had fun interacting with the ducklings for many weeks as they grew.

In April, club members wished wildlife crusader, Dr. Jane Goodall a Happy 80th Birthday in a special video message which was posted online on the Roots & Shoots website and shared with thousands of people worldwide!

As a finale to the year, students entered ‘Global Canvas 2014’ with the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. Four students’ endangered animal paintings were selected for a display at the Natural History Museum in London.

Thanks to the work of Ms. Gediman and the Wildlife Club, TASIS England has become a friendlier environment for animals and humans alike. Hopefully, the positive changes within the wildlife garden will create a ripple effect that reaches far beyond the walls of TASIS!

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