TASIS England Convocation and Founder's Day Celebration 2013
Posted 02/09/2013 04:57PM

Convocation Photograph Gallery 2013

TASIS students, faculty, and staff congregated on Friday August 30th to celebrate the beginning of the new school year with Convocation and Founder’s Day Celebration 2013.

The sun shone brightly as the ceremony began with a student representative from each grade level processing into the marquee with a banner marking their graduating year, with older students helping the youngest children. They were followed by students each carrying their home country’s flag in a colorful demonstration of the diverse nationalities of the TASIS community.

Headmaster, Mr. McBrien and the President of the Class of 2014 delivered inspiring speeches. Dr. Gwendoline Martinez gave a moving tribute to TASIS Founder, Mrs. Fleming, and alumnus Chawki Karam’03, spoke of his memories of his time at TASIS England. Ms. Maureen Alldridge, Head of Music and 2013 recipient of the Max Page Award for Excellence in Teaching, expressed her appreciation of TASIS and the values instilled by our late Founder, Mrs. Fleming by singing a heartfelt rendition of I'm Going to Go Back There Someday, by Kenny Ascher and Paul Williams, originally from The Muppet Movie.

Excerpts from the Convocation speech delivered by Chawki Karam, Class of 2003:

“The whole TASIS England experience I had for 3 years can be summarized in 2 words, and I mean it: Simply Amazing. I have learned so many things throughout my time, that even today, I still use them, and they have made me become the man I am today. I am not here to lie to you and say that I did not face any issues during the 3 years spent here, but I did stand up to face the challenges I went through and kept on pushing without giving up.

The people at TASIS are what make the school so special; you define it, you represent the School. I was here 10 years ago with a vision that I want to see this school continue to be fulfilled with smiles and welcoming people. I am glad to say that what I visualized has become a reality. And you are all now at this position, it doesn’t matter which age or class you are in. Make sure you are always smiling around campus, help those that look lost or sad, be generous and thoughtful. This is again what makes TASIS England, and for this reason, you have to continue carrying out this spirit and making sure the positive energy remains here forever.”


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