Summer Program 2021

TASIS England Summer Programs are widely recognized not only for the quality and strength of our academic, sports, and travel programs, but also as a caring and structured community, where young people from over forty countries learn to live together and transcend national and cultural boundaries. Every summer, we welcome students from every corner of the globe as they arrive on our forty-six acre campus near London to experience an unforgettable summer in England.

Why TASIS England Summer Program


You will be living in a real international school

During the summer program, you will be enjoying the same facilities our students use during the academic year. You will be sleeping in the real dorms and taking advantage of an spectacular campus of 46 acres.  


You will be enjoying the dynamic city of London

Our summer program offer the opportunity to visit the most iconic sites of London and discover why this city is one of the most visited in the world: museums, soccer stadiums, London Eye, etc.


Start building your resume for university

We offer English courses certified by British Council but if your English is good enough, you can improve taking Enrichment courses and start learning subjects you are passionate about and start building your resume. 


You will make friends from all over the world

Every summer, students from more than 40 countries around the world experience our program. You will have the opportunity to meet students from different cultures and learn about the traditions and their languages. 


2021 Dates, Fees and Applications

Our programs attract bright and adventurous students, ages 11-17, who seek challenges and wish to develop new perspectives. A summer at TASIS is an unforgettable one, and we look forward to welcoming you in joining us for this unique educational experience.

1st Session - June 25 - July 14   £4450

2nd Session - July 16 - August 4   £4450

Both Sessions - June 25 - August 4   £8210